In honour and tribute of two of the most important an influential souls that I was blessed to know.

The scenes are forever etched in my mind while growing up. Mom, always in the kitchen. Making breads of all kinds, tending to the stove and oven. Setting the table for 7 or more and empowering all of us 5 kids with her influences and love. Keeping the home clean and cloths fresh and folded. (A couple tanned hides when were were bad too). As well, Ron Sr. At home, a part time butcher, mechanic, football coach, chef, life coach and full time leader of our family. Wrap it all into one, he was my full time hero.

For the first time in my life, I remember feeling an enormous sense of gratitude and appreciation to these 2 people who had given me so much of themselves when I move away from home in 1993.

It is an honor and saddened duty to let everyone know, just 5.5 months after loosing my mother to heart failure, my father, Ronald James Wigington Sr. has also passed away. This was also sudden and unexpected and I am full of sadness, love and pride. He is and always will be my hero.

As I look back, my emotions rise suddenly in my throat. I swallowed hard, fight off the tears and say, with a breaking voice, “Mom, Dad, I love you. I hope you two are looking down with pride and I’ve to all your children. While dancing forever in the clouds”

It wasn’t until I had to quickly grow up at the at of 18, left their nest, their protection and take responsibility for myself, that I started having the utmost respect for their struggles, their decision making and what they did for us as a family unit on a daily basis.

I will forever have your hearts in mine. Your strength in my soul and your toughness in my back.

I love you mom and dad. May you both now be together in heaven. Watching over me, your children and all of your grandchildren. And I do hope I make you proud forever and ever.


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