Soft and Sweet Cinnamon Rolls

Sweet Tiffany Rolls
A punch of vanilla and sugar
Yummy Dutch Style Raisin Buns

It is Tuesday, and you all should already know what tomorrow is. YES! It is Cinnamon Roll Day and Ron’s Bakery will be baking these lovelies all day for you. Just send him your request in the comments section below and Chef Ron will personally reply to let you know when they are ready and you can pick up at your scheduled pick up time.

Last week we had a couple of sad members who said that they didn’t see the post in time, So Chef is hoping that a one da warning is enough!!!

Fragrant, soft and topped with Irish Creme Cheese Glaze that will leaving you wanting more next week!

These popular cakes are being sold for $2.50 each or $6.00 for a three pack!

As well, if you missed the White Bread/Buns, Spiced Honey Whole Wheat loaves or his new item, Cinnamon Raisin Buns, send him a note and he will take care of you. (While supplies last)

Lasty. never forget, that Ron’s Kitchen is now offering up 5 lunch options daily during his production schedule. So check out this link below to learn more!

Heat ‘n Eat

Place your order here!!


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