Cinnamon Rolls!! Get them before they are gone.


Today is the day!!

Once again, Chef Ron is in the kitchen early, with the best job n the world. Baking for all of you! If you are looking for a sweet, soft, happy treat on the very cold day, simply scroll down and fill out your info, including your order request.

Chef’s Bakery still have a couple dozen Sweet Tiffany Buns available and are up for you as well.

As always, follow at the bottom of the page to receive all news, offers and special event schedules.

2 thoughts on “Cinnamon Rolls!! Get them before they are gone.

  1. Ron

    Hi ! How the work currently is I am renting a kitchen and generating online sales of baked goods, hot and cold lunches and fully cooked meal kits. I a, slowly raising funds to one day so, I hope, to open a multi restaurant kitchen with mostly orders being driven by deliveries only. With a small store front for continued baked good and bistro style lunches with the ever growing multi restaurant concept In Leduc

    Unfortunately , due to my small current space I have, I am limited on my baking capacity and butter horns are on the wait list. But I do hope to be creating those and many more foods for everyone one day.

    Am I strictly financing everything my self with no investments and hope through continued sales growth, donations and special events that I will one day announce my very own store front business some time soon.

    But stay close to the blog posts by following both this website and Ron’s Kitchen Facebook page and I may be adding butterhorns, cream puffs and many other lunch and dinner meal kits to the menu.

    Thanks so much.
    Chef Ron


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