Leduc’s “Original” Heat ‘n Eat. This Weeks Savory Lunch Features

Let us all not forget, Chef Ron is offering the Original Heat ‘n Eat menu. And beginning this week, there will be a daily special.

Each item has a choice of two sides. Roasted garlic potato, chili spiced spaghetti squash, kale salad with cranberries and pumpkins seeds, butter poached carrots.

Original Heat 'n Eat

Monday 12, 2018 – BBQ Pork Bun                                 $13   (add an extra pork bun for $6)

Tuesday 13, 2018 – Closed

Wednesday 14, 2018 – Garlic Beef Bun                        $13   (add an extra beef bun for $6)

Thursday 15, 2018 – Closed

Friday 16, 2018 – Herb Roasted Chicken Leg             $1 off regular price

Saturday 17, 2018 – 24h Pot Roast                                 $1 off regular price

Sunday 18, 2018 – Closed

Contact the chef in the form below for this and anything else you desire

Ask about free delivery!

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