Sunday, 18 February

Bakery and MoreRaisin Buns

Heat ‘n Eat


cinnamon roll with coffeetable-kitchen-eat-elegance

Today is Sunday, as like every Sunday, Ron’s Kitchen is always ready to get cracking with your baking, savory needs and is always open to requests. And with this, Chef Ron has now launched his new online ordering form on his FB page and on

The order form is a work in progress and may needs some adjustments. But right now, all orders will go through here and this will stream line all pre-orders and special requests.

First off, everyone who orders and purchases products form Chef Ron is helping to lead the movement towards a unique and exciting culinary movement that is in serious need for everyone in Leduc and the surrounding areas. So let’s keep the excitement growing and keep those orders flowing!!

With this growing trend, Chef will be rolling out a new lunch item for the week. Beginning tomorrow, you will have a choice of a lovely and fulfilling Penne Mac ‘n Cheese with creamy cheddar cheese sauce, spinach, onions and toasted bread crumbs for only $7.00,

Baked man n cheese

or you can add on Chef Ron’s on BBQ Pork Loin for another $5 more!

So, get on the right path this week with Chef Ron’s assistance as your Chef Next Door and let him help you and your family.

So, click here to view the current menu and pre-order for this weeks needs!

Any questions and comments, just fill out the form below!


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