Get Your Ordering Done Early!

Today is a great day to relax and still get things done. A Chef Next Door agrees and would like you to consider Ron’s Kitchen for this week needs for bread, lunches and special events you may have coming up. Well, this is your reminder that you can easily forward your weekly shopping list towards your bakery needs, ready to eat beef, pork and or chicken and even get your hands on the new weekly lunch menu and pre-order next weeks available lunches!!

And for this week, Chef Ron is firing up his guns to bring you three days of PULLED PORK DISHES! That’s right. Three awesome deals with everyone favourite ingredient pulled pork.

Monday – A classic pulled pork mac and cheese for only $12.75

Tuesday – His son’s favourite dish Tater tot and bbq pork poutine for $10.90

Wednesday – A first for Leduc, a Pulled Pork sweet waffle sandwich for $13.50

All you have to do is log into Facebook and look up Ron’s Kitchens’ shopping page with an easy to use menu and check out the program or even call or text the chef at 587-401-4262 and place your order to be picked up or delivered on the scheduled baking days. Just add your details and the Chef will contact you right away.


Now, if you have never ordered or received something from Ron’s Kitchen, located in the Rapid Bingo building, feel free to Contact Chef and he will walk you through the procedure

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