For All Of The New Subcribers, Tomorrow Is The Baking Day!

That’s right. This blog/post is for all of the dozens of new subscribers that are just getting on board with the wave of valued foods, fresh bread and restaurant quality meals, delivered to you.

Monday is always a great day in Ron’s Kitchen. We are up early and making some uncomplicated yet tasty bread of special interest. A white pan loaf with floral accents,  spiced honey whole wheat, cheese buns, raisin buns, sweet Tiffany rolls and more!

But if you are not away, all baking orders must be made with 12 hours advanced noticed. this ensures a higher quality product since here in Ron’s Kitchen, we are against long-lasting preservatives, dough conditioners and anything else that does not define what bread should be. Simple, tasty and recognizable.

These bread that Chef Ron is honoured to make for you are the same recipes that he was taught years ago when he was a small boy by his mother and grandmother. It was commonplace that hard work was evident in the home heart-warming meals he would have on a daily basis and this is what he wants to share with everyone else.

Now, if you are excited to try what Ron’s Kitchen has to offer, click here to see what is available to pick up* or deliver.

And if you have any questions on how to order, pick up or have your choices for this week delivered right to you, fill out the form below.



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