Cooking Class Lesson Plan Ideas

Good Morning or afternoon to you all!!! Chef Ron here and I am getting excited to announce the first Chef Next Door Cooking Lesson real soon. I have the idea of a lesson plan but would like to get your input on what you would like to see? There has been some great interest in having me host cooking classes and there are about 100,000 different ways we can go with this. So, I have a plan, location and a fair price for these lessons.

But I want to hear from you. You, who have either attended some lessons on locations, what worked well? What didn’t? And mostly, what would you like to see?

My thoughts on the beginner’s course are this. Since we all have to fight the ever increasing prices of food, dining and simply maintaining and wholesome stable lifestyle, wasting money on food from spoilage, over purchasing while trying to save or not purchasing in bulk and paying a more premium price can hurt us in the wallet. I would offer a one or two part class on Sous Vide at home to pasturized meats, veggies and extend the shelf life of your groceries while maintaining a high food safety standard.

food safety image for lessons.jpg

So what do you all think? What kind of lessons would you like to see and attend?



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