New Daily Core Lunch Menu Rolling Out

Ron’s Kitchen is excited to announce a few new things coming out. We know that just planning a full, nutritious and delicious meal every day can be a little taxing on your time and patience. So please give Ron’s Kitchen a call!! As early as tomorrow, you will be able to access the online restaurant menu and have your lunches and dinners available nearly every day and on some items available same day. And as usual, pickups from The Kitchen is available Mon-Wednesday during schedule baking days. Deliveries will also be available 7 days a week. Applicable delivery charges are still applied.

These three core menu options are available every day (while daily supplies last) and can be requested a couple hours in advance. But also know, family meals sized can be customized to more or less than the posted meals prices for 4. And with dinners, dietary, allergy needs can be considered but it is recommended that you do still order 24 hours in advance to accommodate any shopping needs.

IMG_0191.jpg 10oz Outside Steak (Lunch)

Hand cut from AAA Angus Beef. Seasoned and cooked in a reduced oxygen environment for no less than hours. Served with 1 pound home fries, green beans and garlic toast. Topped with a house made Crimini button mushroom and onion gravy.                    $19.15

IMG_0240.jpgHoney Bone Broth Glazed Boneless Pork Chop

Hand cut, boneless pork chop. Low and slow reduced oxygen cooking brings the tenderness and flavours of Chef Ron’s own BBQ rub. Finished with a high sear grill and served with butter poached carrots, and a choice of home fries or buttered rice     $13.50

IMG_0502 Roast Chicken Lunch And Home Fries

A quarter of roasted chicken topped with a buttered bone broth glaze, 1 pound of home fries, dinner roll and a side of chipotle ranch dip.

Thigh – $11.25

Breast – $13.25

All current lunch options are available for dinner with a small discount when ordering in multiples of 4.

Just click here to be taken to the order form**

**paper menus and a custom phone number coming very soon. If you would like a pdf downloadable menu, just ask.

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