Coming To Leduc This Month – Cooking Classes

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$100-200 per person / $75-$150 per couple

Approximate course duration 2-4 hours

*price and duration depend on course

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Dinnertime in 2018

     With rising gas prices, recession recovery, new carbon tax and the overall higher cost-of-living with lower wages, it can be difficult to maintain a budget for food. Couple this with our lack of time for cooking and dining as a family and most people find that meals have become a source of stress to the household. With both parents working full-time, children in school and extracurricular activities, families have turned to convenience meals. Luckily, Chef Ron has a solution. 

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     Let Ron’s Kitchen teach you how to manage time and money while cooking amazing meals for your family. Understanding the value of convenience, but the priority of healthy eating, Chef Ron will help you learn to spend less money on food while eating better.

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General course information

     Ron’s Kitchen will begin offering a minimum of three separate but extremely valuable lessons: how to shop wisely, how t get the most out of every ingredient that they purchased, and how to save valuable dollars while putting delicious food on the table. Let Chef Ron share his knowledge, experience, and fun stories while teaching you how to master your kitchen.

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     To inquire about classes posted or to order a custom class, fill out the comment section below.


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