News Flash! Ron’s Kitchen Is Open At Ma-Me-O Beach!!

welcome to ma me o beach sign

           You read that right! We are excited to announce that Chef Ron and his team will be in Ma-Me-O beach every Sunday, serving up his tasty eats from an all-day breakfast and a comfort lunch menu from the hours of 10am – 3pm.

           You can find him serving up all of the meals, some items changing weekly, at the Ma-Me-O beach Community Centre during their Public Market event.

public market banner

            There will be at least 14 vendors ready to offer up great unique gift items and handmade crafts, the kitchen will also be offering up above mentioned foods and everyone can take advantage of Chef Ron’s Weekly Specials from homemade ice cream sandwiches, take away pocket sandwiches and if you mention this post, you can get one all day house breakfast at a vendor’s discount price.

Chef Ron, relaxing last week while filling in last minute to keep the food flowing during the Public Market. Every Sunday from 10am-3pm

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