Rejoice! It Is Public Market Day! :)

As always, Leduc Public Market is host to as many as 20 different local vendors. Offering great deals and services like homemade jam, kids toys, quilts, etc. As well as local businesses offering yard services, professional cleaning and more. Every week there is a wide variety of people and awesome things to see.



And like every week, Ron’s Kitchen will be there offering their fresh baked cheese buns, Seet Tiffany Rolls, the all-new Multi-grain Whole Wheat bread and dinner rolls and even the chef’s signature Scented White Bread, Burger Buns and a very fresh batch of the Rainbow Bread.

Handmade floral scented dinner rolls

A reminder that most baked items are now on sale all summer long and can even be pre-ordered anytime before the market opens at 10am until 3pm.

Also making an appearance is a couple of Senior Value Meals in the cooler box to try out.

24-hour roast beef

So come on down, mention you read this post to get $1.00 your purchase. And since sharing is caring, please share this post yo keep our love for locally made goods are enjoyed by hundreds more!!

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