Did you know that you can help support the growth of Ron’s Kitchen at the public markets?

New Breakfast Buns!

Yes! You can help Chef Ron and Ron’s Kitchen with their goals of moving into a permanent location within Leduc County and having a 7 day a week location to provide his yummy baking and all of the meals programs to date.

Cheese buns, cinnamon rolls, homemade bread and sweets every day.   Including these and more, there are the family meals program, senior living meal plans and the all-new body maintenance meal plans for the work out grouds and the still in the works, day home meal deliveries.


whole wheat loaf
Multigrain Whole Wheat Bread @ $3.00 each


All of this including cooking classes, in-home demonstrations and mobile vendors can come true for everyone to take advantage of by simply heading out to tomorrow’s public market at the City Center Mall from 10am – 3pm and purchasing the scratch made baked goodies that are available.

There will be Cheese Buns, white and multigrain whole wheat loaves, sandwich buns and the new Breakfast Buns (cinnamon raisin).


So show your support for Ron’s Kitchen and other vendors by coming by and making a purchase.

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