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Crowd Funding For Ron’s Kitchen

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With the still slowly raising economy, we here at Ron’s Kitchen know that progress can and will be slow. Ron’s Kitchen has had the dream and vision to bring more than another fast food service restaurant to the landscape.

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This is the driving force that Chef Ronald Wigington has to be up at 4 am nearly every morning. Baking fresh bread as he was taught by his own family. Handcrafted dinners and unique treats for anyone who can enjoy great food.

With his education in food science in reduced vacuum cooking, the team A Chef Next Door and Ron’s Kitchen strives to open a facility on Leduc to provide these aspects to your home and dining experience…

  • Custom, private and open cooking lessons to take home to make great meals with local food and save money at the same time.
  • Private dining opportunities, either in home or an intimate meal provided by Chef Ron in his custom designed dining room.
  • In-home catered meals with an already available online menu. Delivered to your home with your choice of hot and ready or heat ‘n eat style.
  • Creating a customer, nutritious senior meal program for locals to Leduc and Leduc County to avoid having to go to the city or pay high delivery fees just to receive frozen, semi-standard meals where companies are more geared to pull profits over providing valued nutrition.
  • Create 3 “ghost” restaurants around local ingredients with the full delivery. Keto, gluten-free, sous vide and more will be available 7 days a week.
  • Create a certified training program that introduces science with traditional techniques to carry on towards a full-time carrier in the restaurant industry.

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40 hour Sous Vide then roasted Beef Long Rib

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Thank You for reading!

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