Where are you located?

The all new commercial kitchen for A Chef Next Door and Ron’s Kitchen has been relocated to the quiet agriculture hub of  Thorsby Alberta.

Can I purchase your baked goods and meals through the bingo hall?

No. The Kitchen is a small bakery/ghost kitchen that is located in a securely monitored area of the Rapid Bingo Hall that has no public access

Are you an open location? How do I come in to purchase your items?

The Kitchen is not in an open style cafe or store. We rent the space but it is located in a non-public location of the Rapid Bingo Hall for security control. Ron’s Kitchen can be compared to Amazon. You order what is available and you have the choice to pick up outside the building or have your items delivered up to 7 days from ordering.

Can you provide catering?          

YES! A Chef Next Door and Ron’s Kitchen can provide catering up to 100 people in a buffet style setting, with wholesome offerings of comfort food and scratch made choices that will help your bottom line and save you money. If you require any special needs, please contact The Chef to work out details.

How about cooking classes?

Chef Ron wants to provide fundamental and fun classes in the way he cooks, shops and prepares his favourite foods. Chef Ron has been trained in classical French, Italian and some other international and local foods. But it is with the Sous Vide Method that Chef has been able to provide a higher value of quality, shelf life and ease of use.

How do you describe your type of services?

Ron’s Kitchen and A Chef Next Door provides to basic concepts. First, is small, low-cost catering that can provide scaled-up meals and almost any other food services with at shortest, a months lead time for requests. Secondly, Chef Ron is leading the way to provide full meal delivery from small and large meals, day home menus and even senior meal options with nearly 7 days a week delivery.  Chef Ron wants to build about 3 or 4 “Ghost Restaurants” that run out of an exclusive kitchen that will have 100% delivery service from small to large groups. The best part is meal planning up to 25 people with next day service.

How are you different from all the other bakers/restaurants in and around Leduc?

There are two significant differences that A Chef Next Door and Ron’s Kitchen that seperates them from the nearly copy/paste businesses out there. First, Chef Ron is commited to build his little empire with no debt. This means a slower than normal big box style opening, no incurring debt that can lead to financial stress during the slow but still uncertain economic environment. The second difference is the idea of not selling you on a better bun, a more delicous lunch or a satifying dinner. No. What Chef Ron recognizes is the need for time. We all have very little time to budget for our own families. When a single parent has to work two jobs,