Fundraising 2019

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For over 2 years, I have been operating a small business that has become a growing meal prep and soon to be open retail for grab and go meals from comfort style to low carb meal lunch and dinners. Starting with a bag of flour and a half jar of yeast, I was baking for local markets and online sales. All through a small commercial kitchen while holding all licenses and permits to be a legitimate business and member of our local Chamber of Commerce.

With a small crowdfunding campaign over a year ago, I was able to gain some traction to bring to light a simple yet still dreamed of a culinary business that ranged from comfort catering to new Senior Meal Program for local

Today, after 99% of the funding coming from bootstrapping sales and innovative menu designs for busy locals that want a variety of meal prep services, I have been approached by a local private resident to partner with him in a small retail space to provide popular and heavily requested items like Keto designed baking and treats, cooking lesson for teens to young adults and even counseling of adulting life skills in and out of the kitchen to adjust to the struggling market when living on our own.

83b72-60938205_328309181181562_872681584775934378_nAll of these and more ideas are exciting to think that I can and have been asked to bring to Leduc and County and this next step with Ron’s Kitchen Retail is excited but a challenging one when you have been on tight budgets and accumulating little to no debt in the past 2 years.

So I am asking for anyone’s help from financial donations to shares of your social media to provide a small business owner to the next level of service for everyone to enjoy and take advantage of!

Chef Ronald Wigington and family