No Muss No Fuss Family Meals

Family time is precious. Especially at lunch or dinner when most times, this is the only time of the day that a family with two busy parents and active children can talk, destress and reset their lives, even in short moments when mealtime has always been “Family Time”.


The reality today is that mealtimes have grown shorter and shorter. The harsher reality to accept it that the best opportunity to provide dinner on a


budget, while focusing on nutrition and still allowing time to enjoy the company, relaxed atmosphere and the glow of knowing you all have eaten well, is lost every day in a drive-thru. or disappointing meal delivery service that has a history of not providing what is ordered. All the time, not renewing the family values that we all want to hold dear.

So the team at Ron’s Kitchen wants to be your Chef Next Door. Allow us to prepare a restaurant quality meal, delivered by our own team members and deal with the shopping, cooking, and most of the cleanup, while you plan on the wholesome family time to reconnect with your life values and family time.

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A current menu is being redesigned to allow you to order up to 5 days ahead of time to cater to your events and ensure you will be able to know and plan ahead the best time to take advantage of a private chef to bring a ready to table meal for dinner, picnics or a family event you have planned.

If you have any special needs right away or questions, feel free to fill out the contact form below.