Your Chef Next Door To Help Make Ron’s Kitchen Your Kitchen

Ron’s Kitchen has begun their journey with providing a simple yet satisfying service towards removing the high costs of restaurant dining and extreme profit gains for large and small chain providers into a low cost and professionally made meal that satisfies your needs and comfort experience.

Today, we have become a growing meal plan and culinary service provider, in and around Leduc County that has expanded to cater to the needs of seniors and special needs diners to diet plans that fit everyone’s goals. As the vision grows and becomes more inclusive to an individual’s need, there will always be a place for you in Ron’s Kitchen to make your kitchen the most important room once again.

From Those Who know

  • First timer today! Absolutely love Ron’s bread. My kids annihilated the loaves we bought an hour ago. Better than Cob’s!! Can’t beat the taste or price!

    Brenda Farry

  • When my wife came home with those Tiffany buns I thought how good could a bun be?? Answer: these things are fa  phenomenal would be an understatement..if you haven’t tried, I would highly recommend!!! Thanks again Ron.

    Jason St Louis

  • Ron is an outstanding baker! His bread is absolutely amazing and we devour it as fast as we get it. Plus his Tiffany Sweet rolls are out of this world!! We loving knowing he bakes with real ingredients and no artificial stuff like store bought bread. What a great addition to community!

    Jan Anderson